Monday, August 2, 2010

monday mode podge

Saturday we went and saw the movie Inception (because I was getting LOS- left out syndrome bc everyone else kept raving about it). It was good, reminded me a lot of Shutter Island so if you were a fan of that film you'd like this. However, ever since watching Hard Candy (which I still shutter when thinking about) I cant look at Ellen Page in the same way.

Last night I made our first dinner together in the new house :)

I made quinoa/cheese stuffed peppers &
southwestern chicken and it was SO GOOD.

Cheese Stuffed Peppers:

Boil 2 red peppers for 2 minutes. Let cool and cut in half.
Mix mexican cheese, cooked quinoa, chives & basil.
Stuff peppers & bake at 375 for 10-15 minutes.

*you can also add goat cheese to these- but for some weird reason our grocery store didn't have any.

We also bought a couch yesterday :) Our living room is teeny tiny so we've been looking for a small couch and found her yesterday. She gets delivered Thursday so I'll post pics of the final room then.

**please ignore the gross pillows**



  1. Love the new blog look! :) That's great you were able to cook your first meal in the new place! Looked great!

  2. p.s. The couch is nice! Looking forward to seeing pics after it's in your place!

  3. oh my gosh---those peppers look SO yummy!