Wednesday, March 31, 2010

martha, martha, martha!

Its about that time in my wedding planning- I have flowers on my mind.
I already know I want all white flowers- and I'm thinking of roses, hydrangeas, tulips & peonies.
I'm loving these which I found on our dear friend Martha's website:

Okay so no the wreath isn't floral...but its white and SO pretty.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Preppy Mafia & Top Two

Homegirl Alanna @ Sparkles and Sundresses tagged me!

1. Who is your style icon? Well if we’re going classic I have to say Jackie O- the woman never looked bad. Contemporary, probably Giuliana Rancic because she’s so darn cute ALL THE TIME.
2. What is your favorite socialite lit book? Probably Prep {honeslty I can't remember too much about it except I thought the book cover was so cute...oops}
3. Favorite party theme? It’s been forever since I’ve been to one of those- but the trophy wives parties were always the most fun to dress up for!
4. Go to Halloween costume? When in doubt, the Risky Business costume consisting of heels, men’s dress shirt & tie.
5. Extravagance you cannot live without? My Clarisonic. Hands down. I’d die if somebody took that baby from me. Changed. My. Life.
6. Living person you admire? my mom- the older I get the more okay I am with turning into her. I even look forward to it sometimes. She’s just so sweet and selfless- two traits I need to work on.
7. Greatest Fear? Currently, my wedding dress disappointing me. I’ve had two dreams now {one just last night} that the dress either has a) a giant poinsettia stitched on the bottom half or b) looks like the dress from sleeping beauty. Still gives me goose bumps.
8. Trait you deplore in yourself? 2 things- I can be a huge pushover and have trouble standing up for myself. And #2- around certain people I get catty/gossipy/rude {or maybe that’s a female thing?}
9. Which talent would you most like to have? I am hands down the worst dancer in the world. All of the footwork stresses me out. However, after a few drinks I forget this incapability and the outcome is usually VERY embarrassing!
10. Greatest Achievement? I graduated college with a 3.78 GPA which took a lot of work so I’m proud of it!

And because yes ladies and gents- today is Tuesday:

2 random things about me…

1. I cry at everything. I can see 2 minutes of TLC’s A Baby Story and bawl my eyes out and the Blind Side literally made me go blind from crying so much. I like to think I cry ‘happy tears’ because its literally every day I get misty eyed.

2. In college, I used to fall asleep to movies with my roommate. Now, its become a habit that whenever I sit down to watch a movie {doesn’t matter how early/late it is or where I am} I automatically fall asleep. For that reason, I’m not a huge fan of going to the movies- because it’s basically like paying $10 to take a nap sitting up.


Monday, March 29, 2010

hotel, motel, holiday inn

Another rant.

I really hate poor customer service/communication. It really just irks me. In the past, I'm not even the type of person that would have complained about bad customer service. Its a fact of life (although shouldn't be).

I’ve had the WORST time blocking hotels in Dallas for the wedding. Nobody will call me back. And once they do call me back, they transfer me to another department because 'they can't do that in their position.' It’s almost like they don’t want my business. Which is fine by me- I’ll go somewhere else. But I’m running out of hotels to go to! At this point, if they return my phone call, they’ll get my business!

Oh, and here is a great story for you:

So during my wedding weekend there is a big race in the DFW area, thus the hotels are already slim picking. One of the hotels that was open was the Holiday Inn Grapevine, TX. After discussing the number of rooms I needed all was great- she gave me the quote per room saying it was at a discount and that was that.

Turns out it wasn’t at a discount. Actually its $30 MORE than people can book the rooms at on the website.

Are you kidding me?

After this experience I will NEVER stay at a Holiday Inn again. Seriously. That’s ridiculous and poor business. Basically, when my guests refer to my wedding block- they get charged for doing so.

The other hotel I’m dealing with has ceased all communication with me. I know people get busy yada yada, but I am a customer just trying to get a call back! AND I've been a secretary before- I know its hard work and people get crazy on the phone, but thats never an excuse for an attitude.

End rant.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jack Rogers

These really are the summer sandals that go with EVERYTHING.

When I first moved from Colorado to Maryland in July, I noticed that these sandals were seriously everywhere. I'd never seen them in CO (well maybe a handful of times, but never enough to make me notice them) so they must be an east/west coast thing. Jack Rogers/Stephen Bonanno sandals are like Uggs on a college campus in CO. And I've been biten by the trend, I think they're adorable. I especially like the metallic ones- they really go with everything in your wardrobe (welp, almost).
I know this is one of those trends thats been around for years and I just somehow missed it. Kind of like when I went to college and suddenly all girls were wearing Seven for All Mankind, using only CHI straightners and had those damn Tiffany charm bracelets. But you know what, better late than never.

I mean honestly I need these- I am moving to Hawaii so this purchase is completely justified!

I'm thinking of getting the metallic Jack Rogers Navajo sandals:

Happy Sunday! I'm getting out of bed (eventually) and running errands/cleaning around the house. Definitely watching the Pacific ronight on HBO- if you haven't seen the first two episodes make sure to tune in tonight, its really a well done series (even if you don't like war documentaries, this is a little less gory than Band of Brothers or so D tells me).


Saturday, March 27, 2010

now reading a good one

My current reading material:

I started reading this on our plane ride to Texas, and have really fallen in love with the characters & story. Has a salty seatown Maine coast feel to it which I just LOVE. For the first time in awhile I just can't put it down (of course, the last book I tried to read was New Moon, which I wanted to burn I found it so awful. I was actually embarassed reading it...sorry for all of you Edward Cullen lovers out there...).
The review from

"Like most of Richard Russo's earlier novels, Empire Falls is a tale of blue-collar life, which itself increasingly resembles a kind of high-wire act performed without the benefit of any middle-class safety nets. This time, though, the author has widened his scope, producing a comic and compelling ensemble piece. There is, to be sure, a protagonist: fortysomething Miles Roby, proprietor of the local greasy spoon and the recently divorced father of a teenage daughter. But Russo sets in motion a large cast of secondary characters, drawn from every social stratum of his depressed New England mill town. We meet his ex-wife Janine, his father Max (another of Russo's cantankerous layabouts), and a host of Empire Grill regulars. We're also introduced to Francine Whiting, a manipulative widow who owns half the town--and who takes a perverse pleasure in pointing out Miles's psychological defects.

Miles does indeed have a tendency to take it on the chin. (At one point he alludes to his own "natural propensity for shit-eating.") And his role as Mr. Nice Guy thrusts him into all sorts of clashes with his not-so-nice contemporaries, even as the reader patiently waits for him to blow his top. It would be impossible to summarize Russo's multiple plot lines here. Suffice it to say that he touches on love and marriage, lust and loss and small-town economics, with more than a soup├žon of class resentment stirred into the broth. This is, in a sense, an epic of small and large frustrations: "After all, what was the whole wide world but a place for people to yearn for their heart's impossible desires, for those desires to become entrenched in defiance of logic, plausibility, and even the passage of time, as eternal as polished marble." Yet Russo's comedic timing keeps the novel from collapsing into an orgy of breast-beating, and his dialogue alone--snappy and natural and efficiently poignant--is sufficient cause to put Empire Falls on the map."
--Bob Brandeis

I definitely recommend it!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

rehearsal dinner invites!

Anita sent over the rehearsal dinner final draft last night- and I AM IN LOVE.

Originally, we had looked for restaurants fit to accommodate 60ish people for our rehearsal dinner. It became clear it was difficult to find an affordable place to hold our dinner- and even at the places that could accommodate 60 people, we were worried people wouldn’t have a chance to really mingle and get to know each other. This was really important to me because this will really be the first time our families have met and I don’t want people to just sit down and not move from their seats…

Thus Dan’s sister came up with the brilliant idea to have a huge white tent put up in the back yard and cater a dinner in! LOVE IT! Much more relaxed and comfortable! If any of ya’ll are familiar with a Texas sunset, you’ll understand why I fell in love with this idea.

So, when I contacted Anita I told her what I had in mind- something western feeling and fun. This is what she came up with and she hit the nail on the head…again!

**please excuse all the ugly blurring out…I never know what information crazy people look for so this looks kinda bad**


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Invitations & DIY Liners...

The time is near! Our invitations go out this weekend :) I did get a little crazy crafty and decided at the last minute I wanted envelope liners. So, after a quick stop at Paper Source I recruited D to help me...

D after 3 hours of cutting paper. He's so cute.

Another hour in...I turned to this...

The final product, roughly 5 hours later.

I must say I do love how they turned out- but honestly should have just decided on them earlier and had Anita (my wonderful stationary designer I have mentioned many times before) take care of them for me. I'm not the craftiest, and needless to say it was a long and stressful process.

Because I'm in a picture sharing is D in the Memphis airport being a doll and carrying my bag for me...the bag looks good on him huh? :)


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

you're annoying. get off facebook.

Today: something that REALLY ruffles my feathers. Start rant.

People that post political messages on their facebook statuses. Namely- people that have NO IDEA WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT. Even more- statuses that even if they do know what they’re talking about- are so rude and offensive I get mad reading them.

Recently, the health care reform has kept me off facebook because I just can’t STAND these status updates. I get embarrassed for these people.

A few examples {please don’t judge me by the people on my friends list!}:

“….Is so increadibly pissed off that my damn taxes will go up to pay for peoples healthcare that are too damn lazy to work and on welfare because they dont know how to pay for their own things. you dont work? you dont get care. man oh man im so pissed off right now. I will be damn if my tax dollars pay for people's abortions. Please get me out of this country.”

You’re rude. Funny how most of your other statuses are bible verses on kindness. Weird how that works.

“…Our grand president is without a doubt the dumbest asshole ive ever seen.”

Why would you post this? I feel like hitting the de-friend button just so I never have read any of your thoughts ever again.

“Just found out that the health care bill passed... Now living in a nightmare called the US of A!”
I do have a few clever friends though:

“…hey guess what? i don't CARE what your opinion is on the health care bill. that's right I DONT CARE. so as informative and clever you may think your status' updates are - you're the only one thinking so”

“…doesn't care what you think about the health care bill... fb is not the place for politics or Jesus.”

AGREED. Especially when you mispronounce Joe Biden’s name when we talk in person.

Ok. I’m done. Rant end. Happy Tuesday :)


Monday, March 22, 2010

Oopsie daisy! I'm back I'm back!


I apologize for my serious lapse in posting!!!!!

D and I had an amazing time in Texas- our 5 day spring break passed too quickly! We got to spend a lot of time with D’s sister- who is so cute pregnant its crazy. We hadn’t seen her baby bump until this visit- so to actually see her belly/feel Linnea kick/hear her heart beat was very very cool :) Also- his sister doesn’t think the June 13th due date is right, she thinks she will come early so that is exciting! On her 4-D ultra sound we saw a June 3 due date, which would be such a blessing because it’s the day before our wedding! All very exciting and we can’t wait to meet this baby girl.

We ended up deciding that the best option for our rehearsal dinner would be to have it in D’s backyard. We have a rather large group to invite (around 60 people…eek!) and this will be one of the first times our families are meeting and mingling. Thus, we’re going to have big white tents set up in his back yard, cater food, and have a keg. I think that for such a big group this will be a much more relaxing environment.

I’m going to have our amazing stationary designer, Anita design our rehearsal dinner invitations. I’m thinking something like this:

I knew I wanted something western looking and fun- I think this works great and am so excited to work more with her.

Again sorry for the lapse in postings! I promise I’m back and in the blogging world again!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

back to texas and hair news!

Last night was class 1/80. And not to be a wimp or anything, I think I’m going to change from 80 to 70. Just because of the various trips coming up and umm hello I am planning a wedding. 70 is still a pretty lofty goal so we will see!

D and I are going to Texas tomorrow :) It is his spring break and I am taking a few days off too. I am going for a hair trial on Saturday so I’m hoping that turns out great! Originally, my heart was set on wearing my hair down, but now that I really think about it I’m opting to wear it up. I have really think fine hair that just doesn’t hold style very long. My mom says it will look weird because I always wear my hair down but I think it will be a nice change. Plus I hate how my hair looks when its half curls and messy.

In more hair news- I am finally going to get these foul roots taken care of tonight! I am going to get some low lights put in, the blonde in my hair is starting to look fakey again (aka too blonde for my skin tone).

{this may work for mary kate olsen…because she is mary kate olsen. but not for me!}

I’m going to take the 6am class again tomorrow. I know it’s crazy but it’s just so nice taking it early and getting it out of the way. Also a great way to start the day!

Happy Weekend everyone! Be back Wednesday!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

my love for Bikram

A little self challenge…

So I’ve been taking these Bikram classes fairly regularly- 3-6 times a week.

I’ve decided I’m going to challenge myself and complete 80 classes before our wedding (which is in 86 days). Rules of the game are: I can do doubles to make up for days when I’m behind and I have to have them completed by Friday, June 4th. Ever the crafty one, I’m going to put together some type of board to track my progress.

Crazy? Maybe. Considering I’m going on two trips before then and already have to talk myself into going some days.

Not to get all granola on ya’ll (I mean I AM from Colorado…) but this Bikram has really been amazing for me. My body is looking more toned and I have experienced endorphins for the first time in YEARS (this happened just last week and I seriously freaked out!). If any of you are even remotely interested/intrigued by this yoga you need to give it a chance- meaning go to MORE THAN ONE CLASS. First time bikram classes are a true challenge just to stay in the room. But I guarantee you its addicting- as my yoga teachers like to say ‘it’s the yoga high that keeps you coming back.’

I guess it helps that my one true dream is to be a yoga mom. Ha! Best part? Not even kidding...


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

tuesday top names!

Nope nope we're definitely not pregnant. 3 months away from the wedding that idea actually terrifies me!

1. Jack. I don't know why but I've ALWAYS been in love with this name. Very classy and strong. It would be pretty funny if we chose the name Jack Daniel (after D of course) that would asking for trouble!

2. I love two girls names- Olivia & Daisy. Olivia is just a classy name (see a trend here? I really don't like trendy names or names that are misspelled in order to be 'unique'. And Daisy is just really really cute.

Happy Tuesday!!


Friday, March 5, 2010

homegirl has lost it

Happy Friday!!!!

This week flew by! D and I are down to 91 days until our wedding...crazy!!

I did something insane this morning. After a night of tossing & turning (a bad head cold is the culprit) I attended the 6AM BIKRAM CLASS. Yes that
means I left my apartment at 5:30.


Had an amazing class despite feeling semi lethargic during many of the postures.

came home, showered, went to target & whole foods and was home by 11:30 to put in a few loads of laundry. I will say I love starting my days early I feel like I get so much more accomplished, and its almost like its 'stolen' time because nobody else is out.

I am trying out a new recipe I found here called Cranberry Quinoa Peanut Butter Power Bars
- they're in the oven now I'll let you all know how they turn out! They're basically like DIY granola bars, only way healthier- because you see/know whats going in them.

Happy Friday everyone!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

weird weird eating habits

My eating habits are REALLY weird. All of the roomies I’ve ever lived with agree I’m the strangest eater in the world.

I get hooked onto certain foods and eat them for EVERY meal. I wouldn’t say I’m a picky eater…just a discriminating one. Among the foods I’ve been hooked on:

-Lean Pockets- the chicken quesadilla kind ONLY
-Cottage Cheese (with everything- mixing it with eggs and dipping tortilla chips in it….errmm should I be embarrassed?)
-Egg white omelets
-Peanut butter & banana sandwiches
-Chicken & rice (during my WW days)
-Fudge pops

And the list goes on and on.

Well currently this is what my diet consists of:

-Fat free yogurt with 1 tbsp flax seed EVERY morning
-Apples & bananas
-Spinach salads with mango and slices of red peppers
-Quniona mixed with a tiny bit of coconut oil
-Veggie burgers
-Smart Ones
-Tea & Emergen-C
-Frozen yogurt from this ‘sketch’ place in the mall but I swear it is like crack

I’m not kidding when I say I eat the above foods 5 out of 7 days of the week (of course I have the snacks and sweets in between that offset these healthy selections- and my drinking on the weekend more than makes up for the healthiness). I like them because they’re quick and easy. I LOVE learning to cook and looking up yummy new recipes, but at the end of the day I’m far too tired to spend an hour in the kitchen when I’m hungry NOW. Also, cooking for one (sometimes two when I know Katie will be home) just isn’t easy. I’m really looking forward to living with D and cooking for two and actually having someone else to cook for to hold me accountable (our marriage won’t be lasting long if I feed the poor boy Smart Ones every evening).

Anybody else have really weird eating habits? Or am I the lone ranger?


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday Top Two

1. Sephora. I'm a beauty junkie and I could wander around Sephora for HOURS and HOURS. Honestly, when I go to Sephora I make sure to clear my schedule because I know once I get in my sense of time just disapears. I love Sephora because of the great customer service, selection, and products they carry. My favorites: Nars, Yves Saint Laurent, Philosophy, and Laura Mercier.

2. Anthropologie. I must admit I don't even own many things from Anthro, but I just LOVE everything they carry. Especsially now that I'm shopping for a house- everything they have is just so original and gorgeous. Plus- they always have the BEST window displays :)

A new honorable mention goes to Lululemon. I just discovered this store this past weekend and I'm so mad its taken me this long to find it! Sweats that I can wear out into public AND give me shape?! YES please! I purchased a pair of booty shorts for my Bikram class there and I just love them. Nevermind that they resemble underwear- they're comfortable and (semi) flattering.

Love love love.


Monday, March 1, 2010

mixed feelings

I picked this up the other day when I was at Sally for my shimmer lights purple shampoo. I just can't make up my mind if I like it. Its called 'For Audrey' by China Glaze. Kind of reminds me of a green Pepto Bismol...
Welp. At least Katie likes the color- she's inheriting it! I'll stick to my pale pinks and dark purples.