Wednesday, June 15, 2011

tomato & mayo sammy

throughout my pregnancy i've been very surprised i've only had a few cravings. which is very unlike me because I LOVE FOOD. but there has been one meal that i cannot get enough of. 

mayo & tomato sandwiches. 

(i substitute vegenaise for mayo- tastes even better and makes me feel a little better about eating it by the spoonful)

just typing it out makes my mouth water. 

the strange part is that before pregnancy i don't think i ever tried one? and then one day i decided to try one and you would have thought i died and went to heaven (i ate 3 in that sitting!). from what i gather its a southern thing and man oh man did they get it right. 

absolutely DELICIOUS! on a perfect day i'd combine one of these with a chai tea latte (my #2 craving so far) OR a rolo mcflurry (easily a tie for #2). ha if that doesn't scream starving craving crazy pregnant woman i don't know what does!



  1. I've never tried (or heard of) these - but somehow they look super appealing to me right now. I do have to admit I love food these days. A little too much, even. If my husband wasn't an ocean away I'd probably be wondering if I'm pregnant right now ;)

    Bisous !

  2. hmm. I love mayo and should probably try the vegenaise!


  3. Very interesting! lol I am not a fan of mayo or tomoato's so I probably would not like this.

  4. Hi my little chickadee, I hope the pregnancy is going well!!! Report back soon. -K

  5. Hi Ali, I haven't seen you post in a while so I wanted to check in and make sure everything was okay -- I love your blog and am excited to see your baby cub!

  6. Ali hope all is well with you! I searched high and low to find your blog again.. I changed the look of my site and It was hard for me to gain some of my followers back again, etc. Anyway, glad I found you again! By now you should have had your baby so I hope you're LOVING motherhood and I can't wait for an update!

    Here's my new blog,

    If you're not blogging here anymore, or if you have a new blog please let me know!

  7. WHERE HAVE YOU GONE?!?! I'm terribly concerned and have tried tweeting you but you are gone there too! Email a sister to let her know you and baby and hubs are OK! (