Tuesday, November 1, 2011

back in the swing of things! halloween recap

i know i know. still need a birth story. i'm in the process of writing it but get teary eyed every few paragraphs. they really do grow up SO FAST. 

last night lyla dressed up as a baby cub. fitting, no? a girlfriend of mine started calling her baby cub while i was still pregnant and the name just stuck. so, when i saw this costume from pottery barn i knew it had to be hers. 

we went trick or treating with my neighbor and her daughter but really lyla just laid in the stroller and checked out all the big kids. 

and about 10 minutes in, this baby cub was out: 

too cute. hope yall had a very happy halloween! i am THRILLED we are now into november. november 1st means d comes home VERY soon & the starbucks holiday cups are out :) 



  1. Aw yey for an update! Glad to see you back.. would love to see more of you and hear the birth story! :)

    She is so cute in her little cub costume! :)

  2. FINALLY!!!! She is SOOOOO CUTE!!!!! I want to just eat up her little cheekies.

  3. She is the cutest little cub I've ever seen!

  4. She is absolutely precious!! What a blessing :) xo