Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cell Phone Advice!

Question for you ladies!

Since moving to Hawaii (which is beautiful I might add) Dan and I have decided we need new phones. Rather- Dan has decided he must have an iPhone :)

Do any of you ladies have iPhones and a family plan? What is the best deal? The website is a little confusing & I know if we go to the store they're going to way overcharge us. Any advice would be very much appreciated!

In other news- I arrived to Hawaii on Monday and have fallen in love :) We've been looking for houses but haven't found one yet. I'm really hoping that we will walk into one and it will just 'feel right.' Send good vibes our way!



  1. Ohhh I bet that is SO amazing!!!!!!! I want to see some pictures soon!! :)

    We have an iPhone family plan but I'm pretty sure they have switched all of the plans around after this new update and phone coming out on Thursday. I think we are able to keep our plan until it runs out and then we will have to change to one of the new ones but I don't know a thing about the new ones yet!! I'm sorry!! Good luck though!

  2. We do have iphones and we do have a family plan but I am not sure of all of the ins and outs. I will ask Dave tonight. In other news...need pictures of Hawaii!! Glad you are loving it!

  3. 1.) I'm jealous that you are now living in Hawaii. Its like paradise 24/7. Mind if I visit;)

    2.) I highly recommend the IPhones. The family plans are pretty good deals. And I actually don't think they will overcharge you that much if you go into a store. I would at least talk with some people at customer service to get your questions answered...but I'm loving these new IPhones (I'm actually in love with the old one too), but think they are totally worth it!!

  4. I cannot believe you are living in Hawaii, Miss Newlywed! I'm sure it is absolute bliss.