Wednesday, March 16, 2011

20 weeks! HALFWAY!

Pregnancy Highlights:

**bare belly shot about to head to the beach this weekend- no i don't normally walk around like this!**

How Far Along: 20 weeks!

Total Weight Gain: still working on it but none as of yet

Maternity Clothes: living in my two for fitness tanks & lululemon speed shorts, also a VS nightie i've had forever thats really loose & comfortable (i need to buy more because i'm washing it 2-3 times a week)

Movement: i love that i can feel her getting stronger and stronger. when i lay in bed and rest my hand on my belly sometimes the power of her movements surprise me, she's a little thing but very strong!

Sleep: okay, i've always slept like a log so its a little weird to me that i'm waking up a few times every night. sometimes it takes awhile to get back to sleep and i'll usually check twitter on my phone, use the rest room, grab some water, etc.

Symptoms: i can definitely feel my uterus stretching (what my dr. refers to as round ligament pain) but other than that not much

Cravings: nothing crazy this week, i'm excited to visit san diego next week and eat at my favorite spots: olive garden (i'm confident i could put down an entire basket of bread sticks right now) and chipotle

Emotions: just really really thrilled to be pregnant

Best Moment of the Week: every morning/night laying in bed feeling her move, its becoming a lot more real to me

newest baby girl purchase:

love the ruffles!



  1. Hey sweet girl! You look fabulous! Happy 20 weeks! Oh and I am in LOVE with those teeny tiny girly ruffles :) xooxx

  2. You look awesome & no weight gain?? I know it's probably a little scary but I bet it will start packing on & you'll be glad it waited for a while to get there. You look awesome & that little outfit is totally adorable. Carter's is having a semi-annual sale right now & some of their stuff is super cheap & super adorable right now :) just FYI

  3. How cute are you!!!? Yey for good progress... The girlie outfit is TOO cute!

  4. you {and the outfit} are adorable :)