Saturday, March 19, 2011

we will call her...


d was quite picky when it came to his daughters name (who would have thought?!).

when i was rolling through my list of names and suggested lyla he said "yes, thats it. i love it." we're very easy :)

as for a middle name, i really love the sound of lyla grace & lyla mae but i also really would love to use a family name. i am going back home at the end of march and plan to scour our family records for a middle name- i'll keep you all posted!



  1. My middle name is Mae!! :) Mae is in my family's's also my Grandma's middle name! :) Good lucK!

  2. I love Lyla Grace! If I ever have a little girl, that's going to be her middle name :)

  3. Such a cute name!! I met a really awesome little girl named Lyla once!

  4. Aw Lyla Grace and Lyla Mae are precious! Love the name!