Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'm alive!

what a CRAZY past few weeks.

Dan's mother arrived in Annapolis on Sunday, and we were super busy all week with graduation parties, Baltimore trips & pink eye. Yes, I had pink eye this week. never before in my life and the only week I REALLY don't want the stink eye I get it! gross!

the movers came on Thursday and packed up my entire apartment. all I will say for now about that experience is that I know a few tips/tricks for next time. like not packing dan's uniforms.
D graduated & was commissioned on friday- a lovely ceremony (I must say I really enjoyed Joe Biden's speech- who would have thought? he was humorous and the content wasn't all propaganda). I am so proud of him it hasn't really sunk in yet. His mother and I changed his shoulder boards after graduation and his father commissioned him- don't you worry ya'll know I went picture crazy so I will post those once we get our computer up and running.

we just arrived in dallas yesterday afternoon and now we begin the mad dash to the wedding (currently 5 days away). we went to IKEA (aka the promised land) last night to buy tea lights for the wedding and ended up going a litttttle overboard for things for the house. I mean Hawaii doesn't have an IKEA so it was ok, right? (there I go again justifying extreme spending...something I do well!)

I will try and update frequently, I am using Dan's parents computer as my laptop died right before we left. once we move to Hawaii I'm sure I'll be driving ya'll nuts with my postings (um hello unemployment!).

oh yes- and if you're a twitterholic like this girl here- add my because I update 24096 times a day. and chances are I wanna stalk you too!

hope all is well with I have to jump over to Expat Girl's blog and see if she had that beautiful baby!



  1. Good to hear you're doing well. Sorry about your eye :( 5 days away.. whoa! So exciting :) Enjoy this week leading up to it!

  2. Tell him congrats! You are going to love living on Oahu. I hope all the last minute wedding stuff goes smoothly.

  3. Just a couple of days to go! You must be SO EXCITED! I'll be thinking of you, and can't wait to hear all about the big day, Miss Bride!

  4. AHHH! You're getting MARRIEDDDDDDDD!!!!! ok. I just thought you needed a little excitement. :) I hope everythig goes wonderfully and I can NOT wait to see picturessssssss!!! Also, feel free to send my invitation to visit you in Hawaii anytime :) teehee.