Tuesday, May 4, 2010

top 2 tuesday...

top two SPLURGES...
{courtesy of taylor}

1. I guess this isn't really a splurge (in terems of monetary amount) but FOOD.

I like eating organic food, fresh fruits, veggies, and supplements that can sometimes be pricier than if I had just bought the regular/frozen stuff. But the way I look at it- its my BODY. I know I could save money if I were to buy processed food or eat fast food for the majority of my meals (I have a few friends that use this route) but it honestly grosses me out. I don't mind dropping a lot of money at the grocery store because I think it will pay off in the long run.

2. Make Up, Skincare & Hair Care. I mean really- it goes on my FACE. I don't mind shelling out $45 for facial cleanser if I love the product. I feel best when I look my best- and if that costs a little bit more than the products in the bargain bin I'm okay with that.

Happy Tuesday ya'll! Only a MONTH left until our wedding I can hardly believe it! 6/4/10 is going to be here before I know it.



  1. Love your blog and it's title! Nothing is better than a Peach Bellini! I almost put food down as my splurge!! New follower here! :)

  2. One month wow! I hope your countdown keeps going quickly and keeps you smiling

  3. I feel the same about food, but I do shop sales and clip coupons :)

  4. Hair is definitely one of my splurges!! I go in about every 6 weeks (I actually go to a place in Annapolis..David Alexander's) and I'd pay the price for the head massage alone during my shampoo!! Jose treats me right;)

  5. I'm with you on both! AHHH! So close to the wedding!!! Are you SOOOO excited!?

  6. I completely agree about both of these. My face and body deserve a splurge! Especially as I get older and realize these things are more important than they once were. :)