Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blurb Wedding Book

happy sunday!

i finally got around to taking picture of the wedding books we ordered for our parents. when i started planning the wedding i fell in love with the idea of using our engagement pictures for our guest book. that turned out great (its on our coffee table and i love looking through it every now and then).

for our parents we decided to use the same website ( and give them a wedding book for Christmas. they turned out AWESOME. i snapped a few shots (i apologize for the poor picture quality!). they were really inexpensive too, about $150 for both. you can see i used the black background for this book, but our engagement book was white with plenty of empty pages for guests to sign. love and definitely recommend them!



  1. They look great! I will have to look at that website!

  2. On my goodness...they are gorgeous!! Definitely worth the price

  3. Love it! It turned out great! We're planning to make some for our parents and one for ourselves from Picaboo after the wedding.