Wednesday, November 3, 2010

treasured moments of the week

D & i were talking this past weekend about our favorite times of the week- things we do every week that we look forward to & have become part of our routine.

oddly enough we both said 'early saturday mornings' were a favorite, although we don't spend them together!

d: sleeps in (the saturday mornings he's off duty of course) he's up at the crack of dawn (ahem or earlier) every other day so this is his treasured sleepy man time. that is if navy isn't playing.

me: i however, am an early (freakishly early) riser.

every saturday its become a habit (that i LOVE) to go on an early morning 5-7 mile walk/run, pick up some coffee from a cafe by our house, come home & read the NYT online. all before 9am.

i LOVE getting up and out early. something about our town is so relaxing and quiet in the morning, its almost like stolen time because nobody else is out.

this was taken a few weeks ago on one of my early morning walks:

we both agree our other favorite times are the nights we make dinner, open a bottle of wine & turn on netflix :) recently we've been into dexter (dan is such a good sport he's seen every episode but he's watching them all again with me). this made us realize we're super homebodies. but i wouldn't have it any other way.

what are some of your favorite moments/rituals of your week?



  1. We love Sundays! We get up go to Church then go to breakfast/brunch, then we walk downtown Savannah and get back in time for football and I make an English Sunday Roast for our evening meal : )

  2. Beautiful Image! Sounds like a great place to live!!