Monday, November 1, 2010

kona weekend (picture heavy)

happy monday ladies!

we're back from an amazing weekend on the island of Kona. it was my auntie's birthday and she REALLY wanted to go on the zip line near Hilo.

let me just say I'm not an adventurous/thrill seeking person. at all. i'm nervous/anxious/boring when it comes to danger & thrill-seeking activities. i always err on the side of caution and am basically no fun ;) thus, going on this zip line was definitely out of my safe zone. however, i'm glad i did it (um but wont be doing it again- a rope hit me in the face and i thought i broke my nose. of course.) because seeing hawaii from 160 feet in the air is breathtaking.

highlights from the trip:

visiting Kona Brewing Company and tasting LOTS of great beer. I recommend their Wailua Wheat & Oceanic Organic brews.

D took this from the zip line- a little scary, yeah?

with D (is it just me or does he look a little creeped out?!)

with my auntie visiting waipio valley (which means 'curved water' in hawaiian FYI!):

sunset in kailua-kona:

so now its back to the weekly grind!



  1. So pretty! I'm so jealous you get to live there! The brewery sounded fun!

  2. My brother has a house in Hawaii and always raves about Kona beers. Looks like a fun time!