Sunday, January 30, 2011

5 MUST haves

thank you my lovely friend beantown prep for tagging me :)

1. lululemon speed shorts- cant say enough great things about these. beyond comfortable and so awesome to work out in. i'm in the process of ordering more- i only have one pair right now and i wash them at least twice a week.

2. netflix- especially with d working so much i love how easy netflix is. i'm currently working my way through seasons of the office, lost & modern family is next.

3. fruit- i eat a lot of fruit. a lot. probably 4-5 pieces a day. cant get enough of it. currently my favorites: apples, bananas, peaches & plums. i cut open a pineapple this morning and accidentally ate the whole thing. oopsie.

4. morning walks- i've taken a break from running recently (sad i know c25k was going great but more on that later) so i've been walking a ton lately. i average 5-6 miles a day. i love listening to podcasts and walking, it helps clear my mind and gets some energy out.

this view definitely doesn't hurt:

5. my other half. obvi. i'm getting emotional because he's leaving soon, but i love d and am really trying to enjoy our time together in the next few weeks.



  1. Netflix is one of the best things (I write this as I'm watching Dexter on it at the moment:)

  2. I love your 5!! I'm with you with the netflix and the fruit. And I'm doing the c25k too! (well kind of. I'm not doing it exactly as they tell you to but close enough.) Love that pic of you and D. You two are presh!

  3. First top 5 I think I've seen without a mobile :)

  4. Ya'll are adorable! Sad he's leaving soon!

    I've never heard of those shorts. I'll look into getting some! Thanks!

    p.s. So jealous of your view! :) I'll be in Hawaii for our honeymoon in May! We're going to Oahu and Maui. Let me know if you recommend anything!

  5. Love lululemon! Everything I have from them has turned out great!