Sunday, January 9, 2011

recap of 2010 (yes a few days late...)

naturally this post is a few weeks late. our recap of 2010 :) what a WONDERFUL & blessed year...

january: a great friend K came out to visit katie & i in annapolis before she embarked on her adventure of a lifetime...the peace corp. miss her dearly and cant wait to see her again.

february: we found out we were moving to HAWAII :)

march: celebrated st. patricks day like adults and met up at Fado's after work where we continued to drink a ridiculous amount of irish car bombs and regret it the next day.

april: i turned the big 2-3 and celebrated with my bachelorette party and wedding shower in denver. one last night of shenanigans with the girls.

may: d graduated and commissioned :) we said goodbye to annapolis.

june: i became d's wife & we welcomed our niece baby linnea into the world.

july: we made the big move to hawaii (but only after trips to wyoming, chicago & indiana for wonderful weddings).

august: i pieced together our little hawaiian hut that eventually became our first home.

september: we enjoyed more of the island.

october: we took a mini-vacation to the big island.

november: celebrated our first thanksgiving together as a married couple..on d's ship because he had duty :)

december: celebrated our 6 month anniversary and made our first trip back to the mainland together for the navy bowl game.

cant wait to see what 2011 holds for us!



  1. Very fun! You're not too late.. I haven't done my post either! haha

  2. Nothing can beat 2010...but heres hoping for a hell of a try in 2011:)

  3. Love Year in Review recap posts! It's been a exciting year for you! Loved following along via your blog! Cheers to a wonderful 2011!