Friday, May 6, 2011

27 weeks

in my defense i'm not exactly this big, this was after a BIG pho dinner...also i'm closer to 28 weeks because im a slacker
How far along: 27 weeks

Total Weight Gain: i don't have another official doctors appt until this tuesday, but according to the home scale i'm up about 6-7 pounds. size wise i'm finally to the point where i pass myself in a mirror and think "damn, that girl is pregnant."

Maternity Clothes: LOVING my old navy linen maternity shorts. other than that wearing a lot of dresses and lululemon shorts

Movement: moving around lots!

Sleep: about the same- i usually fall asleep around 9 and wake up around 6. i've tried and tried but i cant sleep any later. it works out nice though because i just go on my walk then and get it out of the way before the sun gets really hot

Symptoms: i've been having a little acid reflux but only after drinking a lot of water

Cravings: starbucks chai tea lattes. not sure what it is but i cant get enough of them

Emotions: doing alright. feeling lonely without d here but i'm getting excited to visit my sorority sisters in denver in 2 weeks

Best Moment of the Week: my favorite moments really are just laying in bed and feeling her move. it just doesn't get old


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  1. You have the cutest bump !
    You have such a great attitude about your husband's deployment. I truly admire you - my husband and I have often been apart from each other since I am French and he is Canadian. I know long-distance relationships aren't half as tough as deployments, but as my husband and I will start our longest separation yet in a few days, your strength is really inspiring.
    Bisous :)