Saturday, May 7, 2011

longchamp diaper bag

when it came to picking out a diaper bag i really wasn't having much luck. the only bag i found that i halfway liked was a kate spade bag that while i liked it i wasn't in love with it (and a $450 price tag warrants love to justify it).

d to the rescue.

he was searching online for me (really he's cute & wanted to get it before he left so he could see it) and one day asked why i didn't just get another longchamp.

i. love. my. longchamps.

after looking online the only con i came up with was that i wouldn't have a bottle holder, but then i found you can buy portable bottle holders that don't need to be attached to the bag. win.

so for my birthday d surprised me with this:

the bag was actually supposed to be bright pink & light pink. well, the light pink turned out to be more of a purple but i love it all the same. he also had her name embroidered on the bag in green :) its perfect and i love that he designed it just for his daughter (and her rather picky mother).




  1. Ahh that is beautiful! And I love the embroidery!

  2. Oh, I love it! So perfect for a baby girl.


  3. Oh my gosh!!! SO CUTE!!! & he is so perfect for getting it! love it.

  4. so adorable! diaper bags are so hard to decide on!!! he did good -- and the embroidered name? um, PERFECT!

  5. I love the style of the bag, especially for a diaper bag My only question is how will you keep it organized since there are no pockets? Did you buy an organizer insert? I am planning to use a Long Champ bag as my diaper bag and am curious.

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    BalanceforMEre (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. Love this idea!! Very cute!! How is it working out for you? I am not due until June and just started looking at diaper bags.