Saturday, May 14, 2011

28 weeks

How far along: 28 weeks

Total Weight Gain: as of tuesday i'm up 7 pounds. my midwife says she expects me to gain a couple of pounds in one week pretty soon- lyla is due for a grown spurt! i will say that although the weight gain hasn't been as much as expected i am feeling really tight & large and in charge

Maternity Clothes: for the most part all i'm wearing. the transition from regular to maternity clothes happened so quick i'm scrounging to find cute maternity clothes here in hawaii

Movement: honestly a little bit less, the dr said its because she's got less room now

Sleep: i've always been a GREAT sleeper (like head hits the pillow & i'm out for 8-9 hours) but recently i'm up every few hours and it takes me 30-40 minutes to get back to sleep. not cool. leaves me feeling pretty drowsy the following day

Symptoms: still suffering from acid reflux and have been noticing i get winded pretty easily 

Cravings: starbucks chai tea lattes. full blown addiction. cant pass a starbucks without getting one

Emotions: good! i head back to denver next week for a bridal shower and bachelorette party :) also i got to Skype with d this past week 

Best Moment of the Week: alleluia i passed my glucose test! i was a little worried because i definitely eat my fair share of sugar but i got good news on tuesday :) the drink wasn't nearly as bad as people say. my only advice is to get the lemon/lime flavor and make sure its cold! tastes exactly like flat sprite



  1. You look great! I can't wait to see Lyla!

  2. Aw you are adorable, time is flying! URGH my glucose test was orange flavoured and it was awful!!

  3. Just wanted to check in on the cutest preggers bloggy friend out there! :) You look great girl! Glad you're doing well.

    P.s. I was in Hawaii for our honeymoon just last week... loved it there! :)