Monday, February 14, 2011

Baby H

a few weeks before thanksgiving i just wasn't feeling right.

unbelievably tired, busting out of my bras, cranky & hungry.

turns out...

Baby H has decided to make his/her appearance a little sooner than we were planning :)

tentative due date is August 1, 2011! meaning i'm at about 16 weeks right now. mama and baby are doing wonderful.

{baby H at 6 weeks}

{after another ultrasound at 11 weeks (no pic sad day) baby H looked exactly like a gummy bear. which led to a gummy bear binge for me...}

we're both absolutely thrilled & feel very blessed. i'm feeling great, still exercising 5 days and week and trying my best to stay healthy. i do have a few belly pics but really i'm not showing yet. i haven't gained any weight but it looks like i'm forming a mini beer belly.

all thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated! i'm turning into my mother and worrying about every little thing! i'm working on taking each day as it comes and being thankful for each day i get to experience this wonderful journey!



  1. OMGGGGG!!! YAYYYYYYY!!!!! COngratulations!!!!!

  2. Oh my gosh Congratulations!! Yay!

  3. Congrats!! Can't wait to see and hear more about your lil babe :)

  4. (again, I repeat- YAYYYYYY!!!!!! I'm SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!)

  5. Oh my goodness! So so happy for you! Sorry I missed this! Congratulations to you and your hubby!

  6. Just found your blog, and what great timing! Congrats! That is SO exciting!! AND August 1st is by birthday! : )