Monday, February 21, 2011

recaps from a wonderful 8 days

one of my dear dear friends kristin came out to visit this past week with her boyfriend tim. it came at just the right time- i had hit the 4 month mark and was ready to spill the baby h beans & was getting a little homesick for my friends back in co.

we had an AMAZING time and packed as much as we could into 8 days.

a few highlights:

{first day they were here- at the sandbar in kaneohe bay}

{hanauma bay- this cracks me up bc tim is so tall we look mini size}

{the one night d didn't have to work- pupus and cocktails (water for me) in waikiki}

{kristins reaction to the wonderful dole whip at the dole pineapple plantation}

{my favorite bakery/sandwich shop on the north shore}

{shark diving on the north shore}

i must get going i've got a skype date with a friend working for the peace corps halfway across the world (literally- she's in albania).

happy monday to all :)


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  1. Cute pics! Glad you had a nice visit with friends!