Saturday, February 26, 2011

Two for Fitness Maternity tops

i'm slightly obsessed. really.

i also want to say even if you're not pregnant these tank tops are still awesome and i'll wear them even after my pregnancy.

the company is called For Two Fitness and you can find them here.

they don't ride up and they hug in just a way that flatters your figure (didn't think that was possible with this gut). i was having a problem with my other workout tops becoming too short and riding up, not cute.

i have the turquoise and grey (just in plain no writing) and am going to order the red one later this week. TOO CUTE and a must have for active pregnant women (or ladies that just appreciate a good fit).

tank in action (just going to the grocery store not even working out- i love these things that much):

**WHY are these photos so awkward to take? when other people do it they look cute? i'm missing something!**

after looking at these i realize i had better bid adieu to my waist line, or what i have left of it!


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  1. Haha I feel the same way; I never feel like my bump pictures come out good!