Saturday, April 2, 2011

22 weeks

How far along: 22 weeks

Total Weight Gain: officially a gainer! up 6 pounds! i arrived to my parents house on friday and had access to a scale. i knew i gained weight in san diego (vacations are definitely my downfall even when i'm not pregnant). luckily this time i'm not stressed to lose it

Maternity Clothes: still only wearing a few maternity clothing items (the grey top is maternity, a brand called isabella olivier which I LOVE) but dont really need to yet. to be honest i've spent the past week or so in sweats lounging around at my parents house

Movement: still lots of movement :) i'm waiting until i can feel big kicks rather than just shifting and taps

Sleep: about the same. i've realized i cant sleep more than 8 hours at one time. very odd

Symptoms: my belly is starting to feel harder than softer, and starting to feel really stretched especially after a meal and a full bladder. to be honest it makes me a little worried if im already feeling stretched & tight :/

Cravings: like i said im at home with my parents so anything homecooked! moms maccaroni and cheese, dads breakfast plates, the millions of sweets my mom has laying around the house...

Emotions: very. emotional. probably scary for the people around me

Best Moment of the Week: when my parents got to see the baby bump & my mom got to feel her move. also, my mom and i went through all my old dresses and baby items from my childhood. baby lyla will be wearing a lot of my hand me downs because they're too cute. we also found the outfit i came home in, as well as my baptism dress she'll wear.

also my moms bible study held a sweet baby shower for me this week. i have to recap what we went through the past few weeks but they've been very supportive of baby lyla and spent many hours praying for her. i cried the whole shower (naturally).


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  1. Aww what a cute update; you look great! How fun that you went through all your old clothes; so sweet!