Sunday, April 17, 2011

25 weeks

**excuse lovely photo booth quality**

How far along: 25 weeks

Total Weight Gain: at my appointment last week i was up 6 pounds, so probably 8-10 now

Maternity Clothes: almost there but not quite. still using the hair tie trick on most of my shorts, and most of my tops were looser to begin with so they still fit over the belly

Movement: moving around lots!

Sleep: about the same

Symptoms: i think i experienced my first bout with Braxton Hicks contractions yesterday :( slightly painful and they came in waves, i'm definitely questioning my ability to give birth naturally after feeling those! also i'm noticing i cant eat big meals anymore, i feel full very quickly and then get really uncomfortable when i eat too much

Cravings: carbs! pasta mainly

Emotions: its been a hard week, d left yesterday. i must say i've done better than i was expecting but still just really hard

Best Moment of the Week: yesterday morning before d left he told me that when i passed out early he put his hand on my belly and felt lyla kick for a good hour, makes me cry thinking about it especially now that he's gone but i think its incredibly sweet because that was his last time with her until he returns and she's a few months old



  1. I can't imagine being pregnant and having my husband leave. You are such a brave, strong lady!! I'll say my prayers for you & will be thinking of you lots!

  2. Ditto to Ali; you are so brave and strong! xo

  3. How are you not gaining? You're so blessed! You look adorable! :)

  4. So lucky he got to feel the tiny little kicks!