Wednesday, April 27, 2011

26 weeks

How far along: 26 weeks

Total Weight Gain: scale at home fluctuating between 5-6 pounds. i'm on serious SMP (stretch mark patrol). i know i'm going to get them (i get a few from puberty & my mother has them) well on easter sunday i went to the restroom and thought i found my first one....and cried. yes. cried. hello hormones. turns out it wasn't one but i mean really! crying?!

Maternity Clothes: i finally bit the bullet and placed an order with old navy maternity earlier this week, 2 bottoms and a top. i didn't really need the top (most of mine still fit) but it was really cute and i know i'll need it eventually. also, i bought a really cute dress at gap earlier this week and just sized up to fit my belly.

Movement: moving around lots!

Sleep: about the same

Symptoms: nothing much to speak of

Cravings: anything COLD. its getting REALLY warm here and in the afternoon i love eating cold things (fruits, frozen yogurt, etc.) i've also been having a craving (this is weird) for a bologna sandwich i used to have when i was growing up. you know- the slice of bologna, kraft cheese (the kind that comes in plastic and tastes like plastic lol) and MAYO. I LOVE MAYO. all on white bread. so so weird i'm craving them i haven't had one in probably 15 years.

Emotions: still dealing with d's departure. blah. i did get to Skype with him for the first time yesterday which was really really really nice.

Best Moment of the Week: last night i went to a kickboxing class with some friends and had a GREAT time. it was nice to be able to break a sweat (of course i didn't overdue it and took the class at half speed) but i look forward to going back.



  1. Good for you for still working out! I'm telling you, you need to get Just Dance to do with your girlfriends! Oh Ps. You're adorable & don't worry about the stretch marks! Just lather on the cocoa butter!

  2. Look at that gorgeous BELLY!!! GIrl don't you worry your pretty little head about stretch marks. Some of us *ahem* literally get a stretch mark every time we move. You'll be JUST fine and I'm sure you won't get a single one! And I *HEAR* you on the bologna sandwiches!!! I'm not even pregnant and I've been CRAVING one! :) You look soooo prettyyyy!!! EEK!!

  3. oh my gosh.....i totally had this EXACT craving in my 1st tri: "the slice of bologna, kraft cheese (the kind that comes in plastic and tastes like plastic lol) and MAYO. I LOVE MAYO. all on white bread".

    i seriously could not believe it! i hadn't had one of those since i was like 5. i caved and bought all the stuff. scarfed a sandwich and that was the end of my craving.... ha!

  4. man! i hope i look as good as you when i'm preggers! so excited for you lady.

  5. I will cry if I find a stretch mark too. I have some things that look like they *might* turn into one, but I can't really tell yet...I also bought some Mederma so I can start using it right away if I see one!