Saturday, April 16, 2011

kauai trip!

as many of you know d and i have been looking forward to our babymoon. it was really important to me because d is deploying for 6-8 months so it would double as some great quality time together before our relationship shifted to sporadic emails and time-delayed satellite phone calls.

we had planned on going to maui, but d has always talked about how beautiful kauai looked from the ship and that it was the one island he had never visited. when it came to booking the trip i decided to just go to kauai instead of maui. we're planning a trip to maui once he returns (probably next spring).

we loved kauai and i find myself daydreaming about going back these past few days. its definitely WAY less populated and busy than oahu, but that was exactly what we were looking for. while we spent a fair amount of time exploring the island, we also just hung out at the hotel/at the pool reading and playing words with friends (lol my new obsession).

a few snapshots from the trip:

d at wailua falls

kilauea lighthouse on the north shore

waimea canyon

tunnel of eucalyptus trees

d on the beach out the back of our hotel


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