Wednesday, January 13, 2010

the clarisonic!

Okay. So there may have been some confusion between myself and the court. Turns out I don’t have jury duty until tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed that goes well.

So I had said I would FINALLY do a review on my Clarisonic cleanser. And let me just tell you- this thing is AMAZING. I ordered mine through QVC, and they were offering a great payment plan for 3 months. Basically, I’m paying about $50 dollars for three months. Which meant it hurt a little less when I finally purchased this puppy! I started using the cleanser day and night on December 25th (yes Christmas day!). And to be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure if I was totally sold on it. My skin WAS the softest I have ever felt in my entire life- talk about the best exfoliation ever. But, I started breaking out about a week and a half after I started using it. Nothing MAJOR (like the nightmares I’ve gone through on birth control) but still, I was breaking out. I googled “Clarisonic Purge’ and found that many other women had experienced the same thing, and they said that after awhile it stopped and they had amazing results. Well I am happy to say that 3 weeks after starting to use the cleanser, I AM IN LOVE WITH THE CLARISONIC. I’ve never really experienced clean until now. Currently, I am using Cetaphil as my cleanser. I was using a Rare Minerals formula, but it was too harsh for my skin to use with the Clarisonic. Especially you ladies that are getting married soon, I would definitely consider investing in this- as I said before I am giving up facials for this and LOVE the results. My face look smooth and a few color pigmentations/scars have started to fade.

I hope ya’ll found this helpful, let me know if any of you purchase the system!



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  1. I LOVE my Clarisonic! I also experienced some breaking out initially, but now my skin is clearer than ever!

    Glad to see you've gotten great results too!