Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Get a grip!

Okay I seriously need to get it together. I've been obsessing over something for the past 3 months and I just can't get it out of my head. I need it. I want it. I MUST have it!

You see, I need a dog. I need a dog so bad I've almost been convinced by my roommate to get a cat because its 'kind of like a dog.'

I love dogs. I'm what people would call a 'dog lover'...not to be confused with this girl (ps she's too cute).

Anyways the problem is this: I live in an apartment and I work 10 hour days. Thus, no puppy in its right mind wants me for its mother. But, I made D promise that once we're married and living wherever we might be come July- we can get a puppy :) We will still be living in an apartment/loft but I won't be working super long hours and will have more time to spend with the pup.

So, ever the planner I have a few breeds that I'm looking into:

The Goldendoodle. Petri Dish puppy? Yes, please. SO CUTE and no shedding? Sign me up.

Westie.Yellow Labrador. D is beyond preppy so it makes sense he would want a lab. I grew up with labs- so I know exactly how messy they are and how much work they require. Which is why I'm a little hesitant on the lab deal.

What about ya'll? Any favorite breeds/ones to stay away from?



  1. I'm a dog lover and I've had more breeds over my lifetime than most. Here are my tips for you: lab and golden retriever (and the doodle versions) tend to be high strung and need a lot of attention and exercise...if you have the time to run them 3-5 miles a day, they can be great companions. I have a shipoo (shi tzu/poodle) and she's great...she doesn't shed and is crate trained. She's 10lbs, so she'd be great in a small space. Westies are great too. My brother in law has a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who does great being left alone long hours. I definitely recommend 30lbs or less if you're in an apartment.

    Hope that helps!

  2. oh but that goldendoodle is SO cute! or a labradoodle? there is one that looks like a teddy bear that i'm obssessed with, unfortunately i can barely keep track of myself, much less something else!

  3. Oooh...those are so cute! Yeah, I agree....doggie cooped up in an apartment with momma gone for 10 hours a day would be no fun.

  4. I also have had several kinds of dogs over the years {Newfoundland, Chow, Corgi, Chesapeake, Lassa} I picked a Pug in College! love him! he even went to class with me! lol! He is 9 know! low energy! When we got home from our honeymoon we had some family send us money and we bought an English Bulldog! LOVE HER! such a sweet dog!
    also.. doggie daycare! we do it during the summer.. I work later and my hubby gets off early.. so they are there for about 6 hours a day, and they are tired at night! its perfect!!

  5. Why don't you look at Petfinder and see if there is one similar to what you want on there? I got my precious dog from petfinder, and she is just wonderful!