Tuesday, January 26, 2010

finally made a decision!

We finally decided on bridesmaid dresses!

Having 9 bridesmaids (the result of joining a sorority)- it has been really really hard finding bridesmaids dresses. Everytime I found a dress I liked- say at White House Black Market- it was a race to see if the sizes were available/if the ladies had a store in their region (we all live in 4 different states)/and if the dress would properly fit them (all different body types).

I have to admit when I started shopping for dresses I didn’t want to go with David’s Bridal. Call me snobby but I don’t like the look of most of their dresses- and I’m not a fan of their sales staff. But a few weeks ago I was getting desperate. So, I looked online and founds these beauties (in black):

They’re simple, black, and I know every bride says this but they really CAN wear them again. The ladies went and tried them on/ordered them this weekend and sent me picture messages- they look too cute!

I’m planning on having them wear black pumps because I have a weird issue with open toe/strappy sandals. One of my quirks- I only like them on some people.

Also, we decided on a hair style which I’m really excited about. As a bridesmaid gift, I’m going to be giving them a white hair flower pin to wear for the wedding. They will wear their hair like this:
Isn’t it so cute? PS: Dear Carrie Underwood I love you. It also works because even girls with short hair can get extensions and look very pretty. I’m so in love with the hairstyle I’m even thinking of wearing mine like that! My hair is medium length, will be long by the wedding, but I still think I’d like to wear extensions just for it to look extra long. Any of you ladies have any experience with hair extensions?

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Love the dresses and hair! They're going to look great! I am also a 'snob' when it comes to Davids Bridal, but being on a budget I may have to look at them a bit more.
    Regarding extentions... my friend who just got married added some length and got extentions. The sewn in kind. She was always complaining it was hurting her head. She had them removed before her honeymoon! I would get it done before the wedding to try it out if you are interested in getting them for your special day. I'm trying to grow my hair out so I don't have to deal with them :)

  2. The dress looks great and I love the hair too! I think everyone will look beautiful!

  3. oh the hair is beautiful! i am seriously obsessed with carrie underwood too...the only thing is i think she's one of the primary contenders for bobble head winner, and unfortunately she became strikingly beautiful when she got so thin - kind of makes me feel like there's no hope for the normal girls!! ...or that i should become celebrity skinny hahaha...anyways what year did your fiance graduate the academy?? i wonder if we have any mutual friends! if you guys get stationed in san diego, we HAVE to meet up...i can already tell you what bar you're going to go to (the only academy bar!) and can show you all of the fun cute preppy places - you will LOVE la jolla!! i just started following you and your blog is suuper cute and funny :) i loved your clarisonic review, i think the same thing happened to one of the girls on my ship - her skin got baddd for a while but looks very smooth adn glowy now. is it seriously comparable to a facial?

  4. Great blog! I see you might be moving to San Diego? I'm here now, married to a Naval Officer. LOOOOOOOOVE it. Keep your fingers crossed that y'all get San Deigo! It's the best. By FAR!

  5. Love the dress! They will totally wear it again!