Wednesday, January 20, 2010

hit by the yoga bus...

Ohhh myyy..

#1 I am so out of shape it is embarrassing.

#2 I got hit by the yoga bus last night.

Overall, exactly what I expected. I made sure to drink plenty of water and tea yesterday, and took an emergen-c with me to class (usually helps me tremendously!)but honestly it did NOT help. I felt like I was going to die about 15 minutes into the 90 minute class. I thought I was going to throw up so I had to squat for a few of the poses (which has never happened before). By the end I couldn’t wait to run out of the room- at 105 degrees it definitely isn’t paradise, but when the instructor walked around with ice cold washcloths I thought I was in heaven! Its funny- no matter how miserable I am during the class, the second the instructor turns the lights off and we relax on our mats, no matter how sore by body is- it’s all completely worth it. Like child birth. HA I kid I kid…

After class she asked me how I felt, and I responded with “ehhh awful,” and after laughing she replied that its totally normal. In fact, the goal of your first class is to stay in the room. I barely did that.

I’ve been chugging water today and have a coconut water that I’m going to drink before class. Pray for me tonight’s class goes a little smoother!



  1. Aww poor thing! She's right though, at least you stayed in the room. Let us know how tonight goes!


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