Thursday, January 21, 2010

crazy weekend ahead...

My prayers came through! Yoga last night was not as nearly excruciating as Tuesday night. I think it had a lot to do with my eating during the day (no junk!) but also drinking 3 nalgenes of water, and half a coconut water before class. Because I wasn’t so sick all throughout class, I was actually able to get a great workout and stretching in- leaving me super sore today. It might just be me- but I love the sore feeling right after a workout  I’m not going to go to class tonight, but I am toying with the idea of attending the 6AM class tomorrow morning…umm we will see about that though ;)

Tonight I am going to my weekly cooking class (that started last week!) with D’s sponsor mother. She is an AMAZING COOK and used to be a chef so I definitely took her up on her offer to teach me. Last week we made cheese stuffed peppers, marinated chicken, and an orange marmalade salad dressing. AMAZING! Tonight she said we’re going to try a pasta recipe…I’ll keep you updated on that!

I’m very excited because one of my best friends, K arrives in town tonight for the weekend. I haven’t seen her sense I moved which has been 6 months! She is in the Peace Corps and is leaving in February for Armenia, so her coming to visit really means a lot. Katie and I plan on taking her to a winery (!!) and then just around town. My old college roomie, M from Seattle also gets in town tomorrow night! M is such a sweetheart and I always really enjoy my time with her.

Overall a VERY BUSY weekend!

On the wedding front: We found an organist! I’ve been worried that we might not be able to have live music during the ceremony, but D’s mother bbm’d me the other day to let me know she was able to find one :) Very exciting- I think the ceremony music really sets the mood.

Happy Thursday ya’ll!


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