Thursday, April 8, 2010

birthday girl!

It’s my birthday!

The big 2-3!

“That’s like almost 25 which is almost 30. That is like almost middle aged!"

{Jessica Simpson}

No big plans tonight- after work going to my weekly cooking class and having dinner with friends- I leave for Denver at 7:15 tomorrow morning! Very excited!

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Happy Birthday pretty lady!! Hope you have a fabulous day (and an eve more fabulous time in Denver)

  2. Happy Birthday huni! I hope you have a great day and so much fun in Denver xoxo

  3. Happy Birthday lady! have a great day!! I remember 23....HA

  4. happy birthday gorgeous!! have a wonderful day!!!

  5. Happy birthday, dearie! Wait until you hit 26... which is over 25... and getting closer to 30... eek! I hope it is an absolutely wonderful day! XO

  6. Happy Birthday!!! You're so young! And closer to 30? I'm going to hit 27 next month and I might need a paper bag in which to hyperventilate.

    Hope you have a fantastic day, pretty!

  7. Happy Birthday! The Jessica Simpson quote made me laugh out loud. I think I said the same quote to my husband for one of my pre-25th birthdays. Have a great day and a great trip to Denver!

  8. Happy Bday!!! Hope its a great one!!

  9. Aw, Happy Birthday! Hope you have a special day! :)

    P.S. Love JS back in her Newlywed days.. gosh I miss it :(