Wednesday, April 28, 2010

stress ball & top two

Welp… ladies I only have 9 working days left! I am leaving my job in mid/late May but with all of my days of leave, etc. I’m down to 9 :)

Dan and I have a SUPER busy few weeks coming up. Like crazy busy.

His graduation week is the last week of May- for which his family is flying out and should be a lot of fun. We leave the day after he graduates for Dallas, and then a week later we get MARRIED! Oh yeah, and did I mention somewhere in there the movers need to come and pack up my apartment? After we get married, we head up to Wyoming for my cousins wedding- then onto Chicago for a week- then to Indianapolis for a wedding. Right after we leave Indy we head back to Dallas for a few days and THEN FINALLY we fly out to Hawaii.

I’m going to be a ball of stress for the next month and a half. For reals.

And…just because I missed this yesterday:

Top Two Summer Favorites:

-Patio drinking. Annapolis has some of the best restaurant patios and I can’t wait to sip cocktails in the sun!

-The feeling you get after coming in from sunbathing. Can’t explain it but it’s warm and your skin is perfectly sun kissed.



  1. Whoa busy! It's going to be whirlwind but try to enjoy it all!

  2. Aaaaahhh! So many big things coming up so soon - how exciting! You will get through it all - enjoy dear!

  3. Super busy! But sounds like fun things are planned!

  4. Annapolis in the summer is the best place to enjoy a drink!!

  5. So exciting!!!!!!!!!!! We went to Hawaii on our honeymoon too!! You will have an absolute blast!

  6. I completely agree with those summer faves! gotta love them!