Wednesday, April 7, 2010

reception schedule

The reception schedule makes me slightly nervous.
which is likely due to the fact I've never a) really paid attention to the schedule of events during a wedding and b) have never had to schedule my own!
Our reception is from 7:45-11 at our ceremony venue. I've browsed a few website and this is what I've come up with:

5:00 Boys pictures @ DV
5:30 H Family Pictures @ DV
5:45 Girls Bridal Party pictures @ DV
6:15 C Family Pictures @ Delaney
6:15 Busses arrive @ Holiday Inn, go to Embassy Suites and drop off at DV
6:30 Prelude music begins
6:30 Guests start to arrive
6:45 Bridal Party lines up for processional
6:55 Special guest are seated
7:00 Processional Starts
7:10 Bride walks down
7:15 Ceremony Begins
7:45 Cocktail hour begins/Group Bridal party photos
8:10 Bridal Party introduction
8:15 Arch of Sabers/Bride & Groom introduction
8:25 First Dance
8:35 Father/Daughter Dance
8:45 Mother/Son Dance
9:00 Best Man Toast
9:10 Maid of Honor Toast
9:15 Chi Omega Shades
9:30 Cake Cutting
9:45 Bouquet toss & Garter removal
10:00 Groom and Bride speech
10:30 Busses begin running from DL to Embassy Suites & Holiday Inn
10:30 Sparkler exit, bride and groom exit
11:00 End of the reception
During the planning process I haven't given this much thought, but it dawned on me the other day just how awful events turn out if they're not properly planned. Any of you other brides have your schedule together? Anything you see I'm missing/screwing up?


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