Monday, February 8, 2010

Make it STOP!

Okay. I’m from Colorado and I know snow. In all my 8 years attending school in CO (high school and college) I remember having a whopping 2 snow days. I’ve also lived in Alaska- and I NEVER remember having snow days up there. In fact, one day I remember it was -30 degrees and we STILL went to school. Crazy I tell you.

But this snow in Maryland, it is an issue. This weekend we were pounded with about 2 ½ feet, and we’re expecting 12-18” tomorrow afternoon into Wednesday evening. Wind. Ice. Gross. Sure we can plow, but where are we going to put the snow?

I give you my parking lot Saturday morning:



  1. oh man!! no snow in SD :D hahaha i am shameless!

  2. I ADORE bellinis and am also a bride-to-be, so when I found you blog I instantly knew we had to be friends! :) Looking forward to reading your blog!