Saturday, February 6, 2010

San Diego, Jacksonville or Norfolk?!

Okay so not sure how many of ya'll know but D is in the Navy. He graduates in May (we marry 7 days later in June) and then he reports to his port at the end of June/early July. Well, we find out THURSDAY night where that port will be! It's a little confusing how it all works (his entire class is ranked on a variety of things) and then they pick in order of their class rank.

Among our choices are:
  • San Diego, CA
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Norfolk, VA
Honestly. I don't have a preference- I am just excited we will finally be living together (no, we don't live together now he still has to live at school) and finally be MARRIED. I am just excited to know and be able to make plans & start looking forward to something (weird I always have to be looking forward to something...).

But here is the kicker: I haven't been to ANY of these locations. D has been to San Diego and LOVED it. That is our first choice just because he fell in love with the city and San Diego is closer to both our families (mine in AK, his in TX...yes Alaska.... that's a whole different post!). But, I've heard wonderful things about Jacksonville (plus the warm weather...who can beat that?). Next- Norfolk. I moved to Annapolis, MD in July and have LOVED living on the east coast. I definitely wouldn't mind a few more years here...

Of course there are a few other locations that are available- in Japan, Washington and Hawaii! We haven't given these much thought- but they're always a possibility we could call one 'home' in July! If you have any opinions on any of these locations please share!

Happy Weekend!



  1. obviously i vote san diego!! i know how the picking process goes, too - so exciting for him! here are the reasons i vote for San Diego:
    1) better hair days: unlike florida and norfolk, NO humidity.
    2) more moderate weather: no snow/sleet/rain like Norfolk, no hurricanes like FL!
    3) MORE BAH! $1800 a month for rent...tell him to look up how much you get in VA or FL! now I know that rent there is way cheaper, too, but I pay $900 a month for rent and pocket the rest.
    4) more laid back - east coast is known for being more strict (military-wise)

    i love the East Coast as well (i went to HS in northern VA), but for comfort of living military-wise, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else but SD!

  2. Ahhh! So awesome. I can't wait to hear where you get stationed.

    I LOVE San Diego. It's gorgeous all year round..might be the perfect place to live! Fingers crossed for you!