Wednesday, February 17, 2010

rue la la jackpot!

I've never made it to rue la la lilly sales when they still had stuff actually worth buying. I'm always a day or two late and never find anything I really want. NOT THIS TIME LADIES. At 11AM ET Monday morning WHAM I was there! Picked up this beauty:

I'm thinking it will be perfect for D's graduation week/various weddings this summer/work when this damn snow finally melts. I've never worn a salmon color, but this was just too cute to pass up.

Also! I found that BCBG white halter rehearsal dinner dress I was swooning over :) I had to buy an 8 (only size I could find) but after I get it tailored it should fit perfectly. Even better- the ruffles are so big and my chest is so small (womp womp) I won't have to wear a strapless bra with it. I HATE wearing strapless bras because they always find a way to peek out/ride up/fall down/what have you. Nothing ruins a strapless dress more than a strapless bra peeping through.
Well an update to my last post.

I DID have a piece of cake. BUT it was strawberry shortcake and I ate the strawberries and 3 bites of cake and threw it out. Could have been a lot worse. Also, I didn't get to start the Shred last night because I didn't get home from yoga until 9PM. Katie and I were going to try and do it together, but our schedules just don't work. I'll do it when I get home after work & before yoga.
I'll let you know how tonight goes!


  1. LOVE the dress! That's the one that I had my eye on too, but sadly none left in my size. Yay for finding a rehearsal dinner dress too!

  2. Post a pic of the BCBG dress! And I sw that Milly dress yesterday and thought about ordering it... Great minds think alike!

  3. Cute dress! I'm always so far behind on checking rue la la. But I guess my wallet appreciates it.

  4. hi my loveeee! SUCH. A CUTE. DRESS!!! you are going to look gorgeous in it and all of the little middies are going to be so jeal of your [future] hubs!!

    ...and you know i agree with you about the strapless a fellow baby boobie girl (although i definitely take full advantage of everything victoria's secret makes...except the t-shirt bras, which i think are pointless. if it's not a sports bra or a push up bra, i'm not wearing one!) i hate the strapless :p