Wednesday, July 7, 2010

D man left today

a- to the ladies that commented on my post yesterday thank you so much- it really means a lot to know other women have gone through the same experience & I'm not totally alone. it felt wonderful to just get that out!

b- D man left today :( I know compared to a lot of the military bloggers out there this is a SUPER short 'deployment' but sad/lonely for me without family, friends, etc. here with me. at least once we get internet (countdown is at 7 days lord help me) I can video chat with my BF Katie and feel a little more at home.

c- here are a few pics from our first 3 weeks living in Hawaii :)

{beach down our street}

{going kayaking...ahem watching the boys kayak}

{driving around the island}

{enjoying the sheer beauty of hawaii}



  1. Gorgeous pictures Ali! I wish I could come visit you and keep you company! Hang in there, things will get better soon!

  2. What a beautiful place to live!! And sorry to hear that your hubby is being deployed :( how long is he gone for? Deployments stink!!

  3. The pictures are beautiful!! You are so lucky to be living there :)

    Hope your hubby's deployment flies by and he returns home safe!!

  4. Amazing photos! You are surrounded by beauty. :) Sending love your way while your hubby is away.