Tuesday, July 27, 2010

scentsy obsessed

have you all heard of scentsy?

D's sister bought us a warmer & wax as our wedding gift (which I was just able to unpack yesterday)- and i am OBSESSED. they smell SO good & are so easy to use.

its basically just a warmer (light bulb & plugs in) that melts the wax and smells wonderful for much longer than a candle or incense. the wax comes in little bricks and they last for a long time!

because i'm so obsessed i need more bricks asap! my issue is that i don't know anybody that sells scentsy so i was going to see if any of y'all knew a friend/blogger that sells? i could randomly find someone on the web but i'd rather support someone i 'semi/kinda know'.

happy tuesday!



  1. Haven't heard of them before. Good luck finding some!

  2. Certainly! My wife can help you! She is a a SuperStar Director with Scentsy and has lots of inventory on hand. Her website is https:/Alexis.scentsy.us