Thursday, July 22, 2010

holy smokes ya'll...

i got busy in the kitchen.

yes. cooked. in. the. kitchen.

its not secret i really a) am not good at cooking & b) am semi scared by potlucks (seriously- they stress me out).

but i conquered my fears yesterday with katie's famous goat cheese bruschetta and it
was SO GOOD.

even better- people at the dinner party ATE THEM. i kept telling myself if nobody touched them it meant i was an awful cook and was buying packaged macaroni salad from here on out.




  1. yum and yum!
    i am NOT good in the kitchen .... altho i try.
    and potlucks ARE scary... you are not alone!
    i live in a neighborhood that likes to do cook-offs and declare winners! (double scary)
    you did great -- and now i'm hungry! ;-)

  2. Looks great! If you could share the recipe! :)

  3. Haha congrats! I totally get nervous when cooking for other people but that looks yummyyyy!