Friday, July 16, 2010

new coffee maker!

the kitchen in our new house it exceptionally small.

{creeper picture dan took of me but shows how small the kitchen is also my flabby arms because i've been avoiding yoga class. awesome.}

i'm a bit OCD about my counter space i knew i wanted to pitch our old school mr. coffee pot, and really wanted a tassimo. but then i found this beauty:

which matches our stainless steel theme throughout the kitchen. dan isn't much of a coffee drinker and i try to stick to just one cup a day, there's no reason for me to make a whole pot every day. i just ordered it from BB&B online (thank you hawaii for the $20 shipping) and it should be here next week!

happy friday!



  1. Very exciting about your new kitchen.. the coffee maker looks neat!

  2. oh the coffee maker is so swanky!! and girl your arms look just fine - nice and tan, in fact! FWIW, my kitchen is super tiny, too :) when you live in paradise [either of ours!], you have to make some sacrifices!