Tuesday, July 20, 2010

hating on d's old girlfriend

dans old girlfriend our car arrived to the island yesterday.

i'm going to be honest about how i feel about the car.

i hate it.

i just had a long conversation
with katie yesterday and i'm convinced this car is jealous of me because i am now the #1 in d's life when for a period of time she was.

basically this car is stick shift so whenever i drive it i make a fool of myself so i'm convinced it hates me {for those of you out there that believe the glass is always half full yes I am grateful we have a car. but still. nobody likes stalling 4 times just to get to the grocery store}.

also: as soon as dan gets back we need to go dining room table shopping... because last night on the floor was just sad!

OH and for the record, I also strongly dislike d's REAL ex-girlfriend. :)



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  1. Love every single thing about this post. LOVVVEEEEE.