Wednesday, July 14, 2010

reason #3294875 why I hate acrylic nails

...when one of them breaks I go OCD and cut the rest of them down.

I look a little ghetto today:

I can't decide if I want to have them completely taken off, or if I should just get short gel painted ones. The lady at the salon said that was "very new" and they didn't recommend it. But I see everyone on here getting them? I might have to start the trend here....

and HOLD THE PHONE YA'LL we got INTERNET! I am officially online and not sucking the wifi out of starbucks (or any unlocked connections I could find...oops).



  1. I used to get the gel ones all the time pre-baby days and they were great and so much better for your nails so I say go for it!..... p.s. stealing connections when necessary is totally the way togo...oops?!

  2. I love the look of acrylic nails, I think they're so pretty.

    That's weird that the woman would tell you that they were new and not recommended... the woman at the salon told me and my mom last weekend that they were better for your nails than the regular acrylics! I guess they're a softer acrylic than the normal ones - they don't have to file down your nails to put them on. Hope that helps a little! Good luck!

  3. get the gel nails! or whatever they are. ive heard nothing but good things!

  4. If you go with gel...please let me know your feedback as I've been thinking about it too!!

    And YAY for internet!!!

  5. I was totally that way too! gel were not as strong for me.. I gave up a few years ago and now get a mani pedi everyother week for the price of a fill I would have to get every 8-10 days :)

  6. oh girl, i have gels and i love them...the only problem is that my nails (and hair, for that matter) grow super fast and i'm always out of regs!!

  7. I get gel nails! The nail girls at my salon talked me into it before I got married which was 15 months ago and I have kept them up ever since because I love them so much!