Tuesday, December 15, 2009

coconut & fish oil

My Papa was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2006, and after beating the disease (albeit with rounds of chemotherapy and expensive drugs) he vowed to get healthy the natural way. All of a sudden, summers at my grandparents were filled with my Papa informing us about natural healing methods, vitamins and herbs. Before we knew it, my cousin Jeremy was treating his sunburn with coconut oil, my Nanny was on St. Johns Wort, mom was cooking quinoa, and I was putting milled flax seed in my yogurt. Ever since then I have been interested in staying healthy ‘the natural way.’ Honestly my roommates think I’m a nutjob because I keep some of the weirdest things in the kitchen. I won’t go into detail about all of the herbs, oils, and vitamins I use but I will talk about 2 of my favorite.:

1. Coconut Oil- I use this when cooking instead of olive oil or cooking sprays (FYI you can buy it scented or non-scented if you’re not into the whole coconut thing!). I also spread it on my toast. Additionally, once a week I mix about 1 cup coconut oil with 3 tablespoons sugar and use it as a body scrub. I’ve purchased some expensive body scrubs and I must say this is the softest my skin has EVER BEEN. I use it on my face and it comes out so smooth I can’t stop touching it. My face is even slightly oily and this doesn’t irritate or cause redness.
2. Fish Oil- I don’t do anything fancy with the fish oil pills, and I know a lot of ladies take them for their omega-3s. Previously I used to take one pill before bed and called it a day. However, a few weeks ago I started taking the pills 3 times a day and my skin has never looked better. Call me crazy but if any of you ladies are suffering from acne give this a try.

From time to time I’ll post about my natural remedies, but for real all you ladies need to try the scrub and the pills 3 days a week and get back to me!


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