Wednesday, December 2, 2009

tea? yes please!

I kid you not I used to drink 7 cups of coffee a day. Insanity I tell you. I’ll go ahead and say it- if I haven’t had my coffee I’m straight up mean. Rude. Cruel. Fun for no one. So at the beginning of the summer I started curbing my addiction, and now I’m down to 2 cups every morning (I’m still hoping to get that down to only one). In the process, I started drinking more tea. I used to think tea tasted gross and reminded me of stale watered down coffee. But, once I started getting a little more adventurous (thank you Yogi tea) I found I actually really like tea. So, I introduce you to…..

Your perfect office accessory. How easy and fun is this? You just put in the loose leaf tea and hot water, and voila a perfect mug of brewed tea.

I REALLY want to try the MateVana flavor, they boast its ideal for coffee (addicts) drinkers:

“A deliciously smooth herbal tea that is perfect for coffee lovers. It does contain caffeine, but many people have a different reaction to this stimulant since it is blended with the other natural xanthines found in Mate (theophylline and theobromine). Together they create energy without jitteriness or addictive tendencies. This tea is also a wonderful diet tea, since it curbs hunger. MateVana does contain nuts.” YUMMY!

Also, I want to start using their rock sugar just because it looks so cool AND it is supposed to taste much better than regular sugar in your tea:

“Our all natural sweetners are a better way to add a touch of sugar (or honey) to your tea. White sugar affects the taste of the tea and often masks the complexity of the drink. However, our unprocessed rock cane sugar or natural honeys simply add a touch of sweetness without changing the taste of the tea. Try one out and see what you think. You just might dump the white sugar all together!”



  1. Oh, I am the same way with my love for coffee.... Sometimes my fiance will purchase caffiene pills instead... so bad I know...

    Also I am not sure if where you live you can purchase David Rio Tiger Chai tea, but if you can find it please try it.. It is the best tea I have ever had.