Monday, December 21, 2009

shopping success

Happy Monday!

I thought I’d share some pictures from yesterday:

Pretty crazy! That’s D’s car which took us 45 minutes to shovel out, before we ran out of gas and left it in a parking lot. Ah the joys of cities with poor snow removal.

I did get the majority of my shopping done on Friday though! I got D’s gift from Nordstrom (although I’m not posting what it is because he knows about my blog and he is just sneaky like that). I will say that I’ll blog about it after Christmas because it’s a must-have for men. I also picked up a cute little mug for my roomie Katie and my old college roomie Mandi. The stores were absolutely packed because a lot of people knew the storm was coming so rushed to get all of their shopping done before the weekend. For D’s sponsor family I picked up some really nice olive oil and bread dipping sauce which I thought was really cute (that’s how you know you’re getting old, you give olive oil as a Christmas gift!).

I also did a little Christmas shopping for myself (oops)! I FINALLY ordered this bad boy:

Can’t wait for it to arrive! I’ve heard AMAZING things about the Clarisonic cleanser and I’ll definitely let you all know what I think of it after I have a chance to use it! I don’t plan on getting any facials before my wedding, so this was kind of a trade-off for the price.



  1. Ahh the snow is beautiful! Congrats on shopping. I'm sure you're relieved now. :)

  2. Thats an awesome gift for yourself! I've hear great things about it too! You must let us know what you think of it!