Saturday, December 19, 2009

snowed in!

Yup! All snowed in! This is the view from my back porch:

D is such a sweetheart. He had his last final this morning at 8AM and then WALKED to my house to spend the day with me. It was a cold 2.5 miles!

The news reports have said we're expecting an accumulation of 18 inches so who knows when we'll be able to get out! I'm just enjoying the day with roomie Katie and D (who is thrilled to have a snow day because he just bought a new huge TV and PS3...I'd say he's set on the couch for the next few days!).

My goals for today are to clean out my closet, do laundry, and pick out outfits for our engagement pictures (December 30th so excited!).

Happy Holidays to you all! Stay safe and warm!


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