Tuesday, December 8, 2009

less than 6 months!

It really seems so crazy to me that in less than 6 months D and I will be tying the knot! We got engaged March 27, 2009 which meant a long engagement (until after he finishes school- he isn’t allowed to be married while he attends) of 13 months. Which now looking back isn’t that long at all! I always hear of brides planning their weddings in under 6 months and that stresses me out! Maybe it’s because we don’t live in Texas (location of our wedding) it’s made things a bit trickier. Anywho- here is a list of things I plan on accomplishing before January 1:

-Finalize bridesmaid dresses
-Finalize MY dress (I really need to get moving on this one…)
-Finalize hotel blocking
-Find a florist
-Decide on ceremony music
-Finalize cake design

I’m very excited we have our engagement pictures on December 30th while we’re visiting his family for Christmas :) I found our photographer through one of my sorority sisters who got married last April and I just love his work. Visit his site here.



  1. Very exciting! I'm looking forward to following your blog throughout your engagement. I am in the beginning stages, so still so much to do :) Looking forward to seeing your engagement pics! We'll take ours in the spring.

    Have fun with everything!

  2. How exciting!! Cherish this time, it's so special and fun!!! I miss wedding planning a lot, but am so happy to be married.