Wednesday, December 23, 2009

happy holidays!

Happy Wednesday everyone :) And happy eve of Christmas eve!

My flight leaves early tomorrow morning for Dallas and I absolutely can’t wait! My flight leaves at 9:45 but I want to give myself plenty of time, especially because we’ve been having crazy weather and after all- I am traveling on Christmas eve. D has been there since Monday and not only do I miss him but I’m ready for a nice 11 day vacation (and only missing 5 days of work- how sweet is that?). The super shuttle is coming to pick me up at 6-6:15AM so I will have to be on top of my game and get my butt in gear early tomorrow!

WONDERFUL NEWS. My parents gift to D and myself was a check to buy something for the both of us, and I purchased a nice new camera :) Which means lots and lots of pictures to come! I was honestly a little hesitant to post pictures of myself on the world wide web, but there are just too many things I want to blog about that will include pictures, and as long as I am careful I see no reason why it would be unsafe. PLUS we are getting out engagement pictures next week and I am so excited about sharing those :) And, not to sound creepy or anything (ha!) but I always like it when I’m reading a blog and I see photos of the blogger, it kind of helps me identify more with her, if that makes sense?

I’ll be signing off for a few days- but when I return I’ll have tons of pictures and stories to tell I’m sure! We will be in Dallas, Austin & Houston for the holidays. We’re also hopefully going to visit the vineyard where our wedding is going to be held and pick out wines to serve for our big day! Check out our beautiful venue here.

Okay enough rambling :) I’ll leave you with a picture of D and myself last year right before Christmas:


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