Thursday, December 17, 2009


Happy Thursday everyone!

I work 4 days a week (10 hour days), so it’s actually my Friday :) And in the spirit of Fridays I’m going to talk about our HONEYMOON!

D booked the trip a few months ago with the intention of keeping it a secret until we arrived at the airport the day after our wedding. I love secrets but this one drove me crazy! Luckily, he caved and we’re going to spend a week in JAMAICA!

We’re going to be staying at the Sandals Grande Ocho Rios Resort & Villa. I’ve never been to Jamaica so I am so so so excited! I love the beach, warm weather and a good tan so this is right up my alley!



  1. Oh yea! How exciting. I've been to Jamaica before (a one day stop on a cruise). It's gorgeous. You'll have a great time at the resort like that. Just be sure you definitely head over to Dunns River Falls and 'walk' the falls. You actually get to get inside the waterfall and climb it. It's kind of like a cross between hiking, rock climbing and swimming but the most amazing experience! check it out:

  2. Oh la la, that looks nice!! I would love to be dreaming about that right now!! What type of job do you do that you get to work shifts like those? That would be nice to have 3 day weekends :)

  3. Very fun! My best friend honeymooned there and had a great time!

  4. sounds so nice!!! oh to be back on our honeymoon!

  5. Beautiful! Sounds like you will have a great time!