Thursday, November 19, 2009

and these are a few of my favorite things...

A few things I am currently absolutely obsessed with…

1. Blackberry Messenger (BBM)- seriously a god send. Whenever I tell people about BBM its just really hard to explain. There’s nothing really different about it except your text conversations show up similar to an AIM conversation. D and I BBM back and forth all day long (our relationship actually kind of started over BBM….go figure it is my #1). But I will also say I’m that annoying girl that when I find out a friend has a blackberry but doesn’t use their BBM, I make it my personal mission to get them hooked. And I must say, I’ve been very successful :) The only con is that the messenger is a little hard to figure out if you’re a newbie at it- if ya’ll ever need help let me know! Also, a trick I’ve learned along the way…when sending your pin to another contact, all you have to type (as a text) is ‘mypin’ and then press a spacebar and it magically shows up!

2. Using hot rollers after drying my hair- one of my best friends came to visit a few weeks ago and I noticed she was using those pretty hot pink Velcro rollers after she had dried her hair and straightened it. Ever the follower (ha), I picked some up at the store and started using them. LOVE THEM. Gives so much volume to my fine, thick hair. Another one of those things I blame my mother for not telling me!

3. Yogi ‘Breathe Deep’ tea- Awhile back I was obsessed with Comforting Tea from Aveda (I think that’s what its called, but I could be wrong- I think they only have one kind of tea?) but there’s no way I was going to pay like $14 for 10 tea bags (for real it was something crazy like that. Its good but come on- not THAT good). Breathe Deep IS SO GOOD. I just started enjoying/drinking tea a few months ago and this is by far the best I’ve tried. It’s got a wonderful mint/chamomile flavor that is to die for.

4.Fall on the east coast. BEAUTIFUL. I’ve never lived on the east coast in the fall, and now it makes me sad to see what I’ve been missing out on! I went to school in Colorado where we sometimes get a fall, but it’s usually really quick and not nearly as gorgeous. I also love the rain, so maybe that’s why I’ve been enjoying these past few weeks so much. Gives me a perfect reason to purchase those Hunters wellies ;)



  1. I want to start rolling my hair. Maybe I'll become a follower, too!

  2. Hey chick! So I started subscribing to my comments, and it's a little addicting because I want to respond ASAP and probably look like a blog freak. Anyway.... Here is the seller's store:

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  3. I'm so addicted BBM....I talk to my friends all day with it. It's the best invention ever!


  4. Maybe I should invest in some of those rollers...