Thursday, November 12, 2009

need a quick paris shopping trip...

I thought I had the perfect post today.

Yesterday, in my office we had a young man came in (looked like a very recent college graduate with excellent style) and he had the most beautiful briefcase I have ever seen. Just everything about it- the from the leather to the shape was perfect. And then to my surprise it had a Longchamp zipper. I LOVE Longchamp and their bags have NEVER failed me, they’re sturdy and last for ages. I commented to him that I loved his Longchamp, and he responded it was his graduation gift- and he purchased it in Paris.

I won’t be traveling to Paris anytime soon but I would LOVE to have one of these for my work laptop.

Currently, I’m using the ‘stock’ Dell briefcase that came with my work laptop. While functional, it doesn’t make my heart pitter-patter like this Longchamp did.

I’ve searched the internet and sadly cannot find it anywhere.

My coworker has a really cute pink one she got from Target, but I’d like to invest in a nice briefcase that I can use for the long haul. Any of ya’ll have suggestions or places to look?


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